**Attention new clients: We will NOT be doing Daycare/Boarding Evaluations from November 17-November 25 or December 20-December 31 due to the Heightened Holiday Boarding. Any new clients wishing to board over the Holidays please complete your Evaluation prior to those dates!


Daycare Staff & Dogs

Dog Boarding

Our non-traditional dog boarding structure means room for your dog’s own bedding and toys, supervised play with staff and other dogs all day, regular meals on your dogs' schedule and bathroom breaks in our outdoor run. In other words, less stress for your dog while you’re away and one happy tired dog at the end of each day!

The Details

Boarding Drop-Off:  Dogs are required to be dropped off before 4pm.  We want to make sure your dog gets plenty of time to burn off energy so they are hungry at dinner, tired at bedtime and minimize the potential of being stressed on the first night.

During the Stay: A typical day at Bark + Boarding for your pup would be waking up around 6 or 6:30 AM, eating breakfast (if directed), and going out to play in our outdoor run.  The rest of the morning is spent playing with all of the other pups that are at Bark + Boarding for daycare.  Lunch is at noon as well as mid-day outdoor playtime.  The afternoon is spent lounging around the zones, playing with pals, and tons of fun with daycare attendants!  The evening winds down at 5 PM when dinner is served and the daycare dogs start heading home.  Evening playtime in the outdoor run starts at 6:30 PM and lights out is between 7 and 7:30 PM every day.

Boarding Pick-Up:  Pick-up is anytime during our open hours.  If you pick up your dog within the first hour of opening, there is no charge for daycare that day.  After the first hour of business, you will only be charged for a half day of daycare, no matter how long your dog is in daycare for the day.  We realize you do not have control of flight delays, traffic, etc!  (Please check holiday hours of operation.)

Boarding Evaluation:   If your dog has never been to our daycare, a daycare evaluation (lasting 2 hours minimum) is required to begin service. Evaluations are $25 and are done between 10am-2pm (on the hour) Monday-Friday & between 11am-2pm (on the hour) Saturday.  Dogs must at least 3 months old and be current on bordetella, distemper (DHLPP or DHPP) and rabies vaccines (for dogs over 4 months).  In addition, all dogs 6 months or over must be spayed/neutered.  Just give us a call to set up an evaluation appointment.

Staying Current: Our goal is to ensure that each dog has a stress free and fun experience while staying with us.  If your dog hasn't been to daycare or boarding in over 6 months, we do require that your dog come and spend the day to get re-acclimated to our environment (fees apply).  We have noticed that dogs that visit our daycare frequently have minimal to no stress while boarding with us as they are familiar with our staff and facility.  The more daycare visits you can schedule approaching your scheduled boarding stay will help make your dog’s stay less stressful and more fun!

Heightened Holiday Boarding:  Holiday boarding incurs a $20/night Holiday Surcharge to days on/around our Holiday schedule (see our Contact page for a list of applicable Holidays).

When we hit capacity for boarding, a non-refundable $50 holiday deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your holiday spot.  This fee will be applied towards your boarding invoice.  All holiday cancellations must be canceled with at least 10 days notice to apply your deposit as a credit toward future products/services.  Cancellations with less than 10 days will forfeit the deposit as we can not be sure we can fill your the spot that was reserved for you so close to the holiday.  Heightened Holiday Boarding stays that require a deposit typically include Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas & New Years.



10 Night Boarding Package: $57/night
20 Night Boarding Package: $55/night

All packages are valid for 6 months from the first date of use. All boarding pricing & packages are inclusive of the cost of daycare except on the day of pick-up which incurs a half day daycare cost of $25 regardless of pick-up time.  (FREE daycare on pick-up day if you pick-up pup within the first hour of us being open!).

Daycare packages CANNOT be applied to boarding stays.
No package refunds after 30 days from the date of purchase.
For package refunds within 30 days of purchase, boarding nights will be charged at the full boarding rate.

Inclement Weather Policy

Bark + Boarding typically follows the FCPS and/or Federal Government weather-related closings, but service closings are decided on a case-by-case basis. Clients will be notified via email of any cancellations or delays.  Bark +  Boarding will make a determination no later than 10pm the night before inclement weather is predicted as to whether our office will either have a delayed opening or be closed for daycare and retail services. Dogs already in boarding will still receive full care, however dogs scheduled to be dropped off or picked up in the event of closing or delayed opening will need to be rescheduled.

Late Pick-up Policy

At Bark + Boarding we understand things are going to come up!  We get that you can't control traffic or weather related delays.  If you think you'll run late for pick-up, please give us a call so we can make alternative arrangements as needed.  We close promptly at 7:30pm Monday-Saturday & at 5pm on Sundays and Holidays.  Bark + Boarding has a 5 minute grace period after closing.  After that, a $10 late pick-up fee is applied for pick-ups 10-15 minutes after closing and a $20 late pick-up fee for pick-ups 25-30 minutes after closing.  Any dogs still here 30 minutes after closing will be boarded.

For example, on Tuesdays we close at 7:30pm.  PIck-ups between 7:30-7:35pm incurs no additional fee.  A pick-up between 7:35-7:45pm incurs a $10 fee & a pick-up between 7:45-8pm incurs a $20 fee.  Any dogs left at 8pm will be boarded.