Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Pet Sitter Services, Boarding, Daycare and More


What requirements do you have for dogs to stay at BARK + Boarding?

If your dog has never been to our daycare & boarding facility, a daycare evaluation (lasting 2 hours minimum) is required to begin service. Evaluations are done between 10am-2pm (on the hour) Monday-Friday & between 11am-2pm (on the hour) Saturday.

Dogs must also be current on bordetella, distemper (DHLPP or DHPP) and rabies vaccines.  In addition, all dogs 6 months or over must be spayed/neutered.

If you're an existing client but pup hasn't been here in 6+ months we do require a re-evaluation to ensure your pup will have a stress-free stay with us.

What time does my Dog need to be dropped off for boarding?

Dogs must be dropped off by 4pm on drop-off day for any boarding stay.

Why do I need to drop my dog off so early for boarding?

Experience has shown us that a dog tired from playing and having fun will be less likely to be depressed or anxious during that first night of boarding. We feel so strongly about this that we charge the same amount whether they are dropped off at opening or right at 4pm - so it's a great value to let them get as much playtime as possible!  

Aside from the well-being of your dog, we are looking out for the best interest of the pack: when your pup arrives he's excited and ready to play but the rest of the pack is winding down for a good night's sleep.  Entering in so late in the day, causes the overall flow of the day to change and riles up the rest of the pack. Getting your best friend here early gives your dog time to burn off energy before dinner, which goes a long way toward more restful doggie dreams that first night and an overall less stressful experience for everyone.

My dog has not done well in other daycare or boarding settings.
Can you help?

We will certainly try—and our track record shows we generally succeed. Over the years, we have developed a great approach that has helped many clients whose dogs have been too anxious or difficult in other settings.

It all starts with the initial evaluation. We give your dog a quiet space to start in and let your dog tell us how to proceed. Does she need more time to calm down? Is he ready to go and make new friends right away? We watch; we encourage; we read the dog’s body language; but most importantly, we give the dog time to adjust to the new environment.

Once the dog is ready to join the pack, we continue doing those four things. Some dogs will need quiet space alone after playing for a while. Others will snooze in a corner of the room curled up with four new friends. Others will barely rest at all. Our facility has different spaces that accommodate these varying needs for space and interaction. We listen to what your dog is telling us.

We have many regular clients who thought their dog would not be part of a pack—and their dog surprised them and had a great time. 

Do you offer any services for cats?

Absolutely! In addition to toys and food we offer in-home visits & full service grooming.

If you travel a lot or have a kitty that needs a friend during the day, we have several types of plans from which you can choose. We may even drop by with a fancy new toy for your friend to try .

Do I need to call ahead to reserve a spot for daycare?

No! We are open for daycare 365 days a year and you never need to call ahead (for evaluated dogs).  Simply drop off anytime during our hours of operation. 

What about boarding?

We request 24 hours notice for all boarding reservations -- especially for those dogs requiring a Zone.  For non-holiday boarding visits we can usually accommodate all requests within a 24 hour time-frame.  For holidays (especially Thanksgiving & Christmas), the sooner you can book your reservation the better!  We book up about a month in advance for big holidays so to ensure your spot, call ahead!

Do you offer cage-less boarding?

Yes!  We offer two different boarding styles based on your pup's needs.  We carry a wide variety of crates to fit any dog ranging from the extra small Yorkie to the massive Great Dane.  We also offer crate-free boarding which we call Zones.  Zones are about a 7'x7' space for your dog to roam around freely.  There is no cost difference between the two and we have 5 zones available so they are first-come, first-served (health issues always take precedence!).  While Zones are a great option for dogs with health issues, crates are ideal for boarding since most dogs aren't used to being in an open play environment all day.  Being in the crate gives them a sense of "home" and safety and helps settle them down after a long day of play!

What items can I bring when my dogs board with you?

Check out our list of approved boarding items: Acceptable Boarding Items

What extra boarding and daycare charges should I expect on my bill?

None! When your pet stays with us, the daycare rate, boarding rate or packages will be the only charges incurred. Walks, feedings, medicine administered, and so forth are included in those rates.  Sometimes a $15 Holiday Surcharge may be applied and a list of included holidays can be found on our "Contact Us" page.

Do I get to meet my In-Home pet sitter prior to the visits?

Before any In-Home services can begin, we require an In-Home Registration.  Our registration is your chance to meet with one of our most experienced sitters so they can help answer any questions you might have about our services and to provide us with your keys & completed Pet Passport.  The sitter completing your registration may NOT be your personal sitter/walker but, if you request it, we will always try to accommodate.  You can always request an additional meeting with your sitter/walker but an additional $25 Registration visit will be charged.      

I’ve thought about fostering a dog or cat for a rescue group. Are there any benefits to doing so?  What about rescuing a pet?

Yes! Besides the benefit of saving a life, fostering allows you to take advantage of some special programs at Bark + Boarding. We offer discounted food to clients who are fostering dogs or cats through a rescue. We also waive daycare and boarding evaluation/in-home registration fees for rescued dogs and cats. Bring along your adoption paperwork, and we can get you started with the program. 

My dog or cat seems to be allergic to every kind of food out there. Can you help?

We’d be happy to try. Currently, we carry several brands that work well for dogs with various sensitivities or health issues, and we are always adding new brands. Our products range in proteins and we offer many varieties in Grain-Free & Poultry-Free options.  Our guiding philosophy is to carry a range of foods in terms of price and type that we stand behind unconditionally. We only carry brands we would feed our own pets. Although some of the brands seem costly up front, most dogs or cats will actually eat less and feel healthier in the long run. Our staff members are happy to answer any of your questions regarding what brand might be best for your pet.

I'm a new pet owner and really need help! Who Can I ask?

US!  We've been in the pet care industry since 1999 and all of our staff members are pet owners themselves.  We are here to help whether you're an existing client or not.  Have a question about training?  Need help with feeding amounts?  Or maybe you just want advice?  Look no further than Bark + Boarding!  We are here for you 7 days a week!