Group Training Schedule:

Puppy Manners

Pups under 5 months of age with little or no training

New program in 2018: 6 sessions, $185, includes AKC Star Puppy Eval

  • Potty Training, Puppy Mouthing, Puppy Humping

  • Socializing and Play Time

  • Food Bowl Handling, Handling Body Parts, Cradling

  • Name, Focus, Sit, Down, Leash Work

Dates for upcoming classes:

Sundays: 7/29 – 9/9, 10:15am (NO class 9/2)

Spaces are limited. Sign up today!


Basic Manners Made Easy

Pups over 5 months of age, 6 sessions, $185, 2018 classes include AKC Star Puppy Eval for dogs under 1 year of age

  • Basic skills – name, sit, focus, down

  • Manners – stopping jumping, settle command, door greetings, barking, taking a treat gently

  • Walking – loose leash, turns, auto sit

  • Classical – making positive associations with new things to keep your dog from becoming fearful

  • Recall – teaching your dog to come to you when you call him

  • Stays – sit and down

  • Off & Take it – teaching your dog to drop, leave, or not approach something

Sundays: 7/29 – 9/9, 11:15am (NO class 9/2)

Spaces are limited. Sign up today!


Manners Level II

We will focus on walking nicely in public while practicing recalls, stays and distance work.  Includes Canine Good Citizen, CGC, Test: AKC’s program rewarding a dog who has good social skills and their owner who demonstrates proper dog control.

6 Sessions, $215.00 for pups over 6 months

We will schedule a class in September

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